I Have A Raging Ten Inch Poll…

See, here’s the thing:

I think I touched on this in my previous entry, but I’ll point once more that even though my updates are becoming a rarity, people are still reading my page.

So with that in mind, I’d like to get some feedback and find out what keeps y’all coming back.

Please be as honest as you can, use a number 2 pencil, and be sure to fill in your answer completely!


An Introduction (As If You Cared)


… I really hate writing introductions. Seriously. I mean, what am I supposed to write here? My name? My hobbies? My turn-ons and pet peeves? I just don’t know.


But I’ll go ahead and try it: My name is Tracy Hudson. At the time I’m writing this, I’m 38 years old, and live in Portland, Oregon. I’m currently married, with no kids or pets yet. Some of my current favorite things include baseball, video games, skateboarding, martial arts, art, writing, films, reading, comic books, cartoons, being generally nasty, and a bunch of other things you’ll learn about, should you decide to keep reading.


It also has to be said: I like cookies. A lot.


As far as work goes, I am currently without a real job; However, I do write for Yahoo now (Inaugural article being reviewed as we speak!). So I guess there’s that.




This blog will contain my columns for Yahoo, as well as any other random musings, silly pictures/videos, fiction, ¬†or anything else that tickles my fancy. As a result, this blog may feel a bit unfocused. But then again, I’m unfocused. So you might just have to deal with that. Hope you don’t mind!




Now what?


Um… Uh… Errrrrm… That’s a fantastic question!


I suppose I should start by putting out my first piece. Hell, it’s already written and everything!




I hope that, as you continue to read my missives, you enjoy them just as much as I occasionally enjoy writing them. Of course, I welcome all comments and criticisms from those of you out there who feel so inclined.


Stay tuned!