I Have A Raging Ten Inch Poll…

See, here’s the thing:

I think I touched on this in my previous entry, but I’ll point once more that even though my updates are becoming a rarity, people are still reading my page.

So with that in mind, I’d like to get some feedback and find out what keeps y’all coming back.

Please be as honest as you can, use a number 2 pencil, and be sure to fill in your answer completely!



In every aspect of everyday life, the phenomenon of metamorphosis can be witnessed all about us. From the way the blooms on a tree flourish in spring and summer only to die off during the cooler seasons, to the way a tiny caterpillar emerges from a cocoon as a lovely butterfly, all the way down to that little wrinkle you’d never noticed before just now: It is a force that drives us all- Change.

Today, I announce that I have undergone such a change.

This morning, when I awoke I noticed that I looked eerily similar to that crackpot on “Ancient Aliens”…mms_picture (16)

…And now, I look like the shower rapist in your black sheep uncle’s cell block!


Alas, with change also comes with it sacrifice…

mms_picture_2 (1)

My sink will never be the same…